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Reference Data

Providing data for our customer as reference when considering our properties. Our data is provided by Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation and NAB Real Estate Agency separately


Prince George

The table below shows the rental housing market in the City. It is not difficult to see that the demand for rental housing in Prince George is slowly increasing with a stable percentage of around 3% per year. This also implies that in the City of Prince George, the land availability is gradually reducing, eventually leading to an increase in land price.


Similar to Prince George, the rental market in Kamloops is growing in a steady percentage of around 3% per year over the past 4 years. As the vacant land in Kamloops are becoming scarce, this trend is expected to maintain in the future in the Southern part of BC. 

Western Australia


We believe that Geraldton is the next city to be developed in Western Australia, especially when Perth is getting higher population density and cost of living.

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