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When choosing the right property for yourself, it is important to look at things such as the land titles, charges and its location. Below are some useful links for our dearest customers to investigate more on the properties they are looking at. 

BC Canada

When checking a land title in BC,  the first thing we need is either the address or the land PID. In most of the cases, it would be more accurate to locate the parcel with PID. Therefore, PID becomes the most important key for us to search the history and other related issue on the titles.

BC Parcel Maps: 

After you enter the PID into the search field, you would see the highlighted parcel

BC Assessment:

Choose PID as the search criteria, then you would see the assessment value and the previous sales records of the parcel (if avaliable)

Farm Credit Canada:

The FCC Farmland Values Report provides an annual look at the regional land value trends across Canada in price per acre

WA Australia

In Australia, we can search the land title by the property's address or its lot number and the deposited plan. 

Landgate Maps: 

After you search by the address, you can see the highlighted parcel and the products available. For our customers, we will provide those documents products for free.

Rural Bank AU:

This report shows the trend and the growth rate of the farmland in Western Australia

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