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North Fraser Lake

Fraser Lake, BC

Self contained in the natural environment of Deserter Lake and Fraser Lake. Lake view is within 15 minutes drive. A hidden gem in the area with a parcel size of 92 acres...

Price: $45,000 CAD

14.46 acres

Nicholson Creek B

Osoyoos, BC

Beautiful piece of small size acreage located in the Kootenay. A beautiful piece of 40 acre of land where you have water front to your own. A rare piece of land where you have your own lake, Lake Louise, to yourself.

Price: $280,000 CAD

160 acres

Eaglet Lake Rural B


Prince George, BC

The land was logged between 2000-2012. Plantation are now growing on the property. Good place for a private acreage or a manufactured house.  

Price: $180,000 CAD

80 acres

Eaglet Lake 24.43 acres

Prince George, BC

A 24.43 acres with this price can rarely be found in the area. It is surrounded and connected by Crown land forest. Wildlife can easily be spotted on the property. Lake is close by and is within 10 minutes drive...

Price: $61,000 CAD

24.43 acres

Bubar Creek

Osoyoos, BC

Heavy timbered property for Sale!!! Beautiful land that has different tree species. An ideal piece of acreage to build a cabin or log house.

Price: $280,000 CAD

40 acres

Eaglet Lake Rural C


Prince George, BC

Part of the timber was harvested before. Some of them are left in the properties. As part of the land is cleared, buyer can consider develop the cleared land into hay field. 

Price: $500,000 CAD

277.5 acres

Eaglet Lake 102 acres

Prince George, BC

Self-contained property within the natural environment of Eaglet Lake. If you are a person who likes fishing or enjoy spending nights and days beside a lake, this is the opportunity. Lake view is within 10 minutes drive. A large property with a parcel size of 102 acres...

Price: $203,000 CAD

102 acres

Eaglet Lake Rural A (SOLD)

Prince George, BC

Is it your dream to own 43.5 private acres? A perfect hunting spot and private camping site. You can build you own cabin or lodge here.  

Price: $100,000 CAD

43.5 acres

Gordon Creek

Barriere, BC

This 105.93 Acre property is a beautiful piece of big land. Property is moderately sloped and good to build a house or cabin. It has access to a public road and very easy to install services in the area...

Price: $635,000 CAD

106 acres

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