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Gordon Creek

For your reference, below is the 2022report on farmland value in Canada complied by Farm Credit Canada in which it states that the average annual growth of farmland value is around 13%.


Property Type: Freehold Land

PID: 004-471-393 

Price: $750,000 CAD
Parcel Size: 100 acres

This property is 100 acres, just 5 mins drive to Barriere, 50 mins Kamloops, 1.5 hour to Kelowna. Zoning is in the ALR. There has been around 6000 seedlings planted previously, done improvements. Also there are many regrowth timber, expecting the timber will grow in value every year exponentially. Expecting the trees will be merchantable in the next few years. Property is slightly sloped and has a good view of Barriere. Multiple buildable sites and services are nearby to build a house. Great for homebuyer, investors and developer, to invest in land. Land is in the TNRD.

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