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White Farm

For your reference, below is the 2021 farmland land value report provided by Rural Bank Australia. In WA, the average  growth rate of farmland value in 2020 is around 20%


Property Type: Freehold Land

Location: 666 Hammond Road, Beacon, WA
Parcel Size: 4333 acres

Price: $2,500,000 AUD
Rainfall: 300mm

A sound investment.

Newly offered to the market is this large freehold title of 4,333 acres located approximately 35km NNE of Beacon.

The land is under lease for two years, making it an attractive investment with a fixed return.

Basic improvements include a 3 bay machinery shed of approximately 10m x 20m, a fertiliser shed of approximately 7m x 9m and a workshop of 8m x 15m and 6 x concrete silo pads. Water is supplied via scheme water connection plus five dams.

The property has been conservatively cleared, with significant areas of bushland remaining.
Soil types vary, with approximately 30% of the property being classed as heavy to medium soils, and 70% light to medium soils.

"White Farm" is worthy of inspection, and represents great value in the current market.

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