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For your reference, below is the 2021 farmland land value report provided by Rural Bank Australia. In WA, the average growth rate of farmland value in 2020 is around 20%


Property Type: Freehold Land

Address: 1415 Brooks Road, Ajana WA
Parcel Size: 4205 acres

Price: $2,000,000 AUD

Rainfall: 330mm

Walverdene is a high efficiency cropping property located in Ajana, just 30km from Binnu.

Totalling approximately 4205 acres, 2887 of which are rotationally cropped, this grain growing enterprise has had significant inputs and soil improvements over the last 15 years. Deep ripping has been completed across the croppable portion over a 5-year program to a depth of 450mm. Lime has also been applied across the program, with 400 t spread annually. The farm is areas of large, open, medium yellow sandplain, slightly undulating and free of any internal fencing.

Water for the property is sourced from a reliable bore equipped with a solar submersible. This bore is located close to the main shed area and supplies several well-placed spray tanks, making spraying just that little bit easier. Rain water is collected of the sheds and stored in a 45,000L tank.

If you are looking for a property that can be operated either stand-alone or as an add on with healthy, easy working and efficient soils at an entry level price, then Walverdene is it.

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