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North Fraser Lake

Property Type: Freehold Land

PID: 015-384-578

Price: $225,000 CAD
Parcel Size: 96 acres

Under $250,000, you can own a 90 acre acreage. There are many different opportunities from hayfield, hobby farm, tree farm, recreation home, campsite and hunting for this property. Extremely quiet and private, you can enjoy the rural lifestyle. This property is 40 mins away from the town of Vanderhoof and is surrounded by a few beautiful and hidden lakes. Self contained in the natural environment of Deserter Lake and Fraser Lake. Lake view is within 5 minutes drive. The parcel is not in the ALR which mean the prospective buyer can rezoning and subdivide the land into lots easier.

For your reference, below is the 2022report on farmland value in Canada complied by Farm Credit Canada in which it states that the average annual growth of farmland value is around 13%.


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