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Bubar Creek B

For your reference, below is the 2022 report on farmland value in Canada complied by Farm Credit Canada in which it states that the average annual growth of farmland value is around 13%.


Property Type: Freehold Land

PID:  007-244-843
Parcel Size: 40 acres

Price: $250,000 CAD

Services: No installed septic and well

40 acre of treed land located close to Rock Creek. A extremely desirable land that you can think ever buying. The property is treed and is taken very good care over the years and has many buildable sites. Neighbourhood is very peaceful and quiet. With big fir trees around the property, you can build your dream house inside a Forest. No services on the property, but there are some small creeks that run on the property so easy to get water. Ideal for anyone with small farming operation and gardening or even recreational property. This property is road accessible via forest service road. A extremely cheap buy for anyone wanting to own land. Land will be selectively logged before sale. This property backs onto crownland so you can enjoy absolute privacy. Land will always go up in price!!

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