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Australia Listings


Brooks Farm

Ajana, WA

This 150 acre lot is situated on Brooks road, Ajana, which is suitable for Buyers looking for some peace and quiet.  Only 1.5 hours drive from Geraldton, this area has good soil types and good weather for starting a hobby farm or any farm...

Price: $500,000 AUD

150 acres



1415 Brooks Road, Ajana, WA

Walverdene is a high efficiency cropping property located in Ajana, just 30km from Binnu. Totalling approximately 4055 acres, 2887 of which are rotationally cropped, this grain growing enterprise has had significant inputs and soil improvements over the last 15 years. 

Price: $2,100,000 AUD

4055 acres

Blue Central Project Architecture Presen

White Farm

666 Hammond Road, Beacon, WA

A sound investment!
Newly offered to the market is this large freehold title of  4,333 acres located approximately 35km NNE of Beacon.
The land is under lease for two years, making it an attractive investment with a fixed return.

Price: $2,500,000 AUD

4333 acres


Higher Ground Farm

2803 Aitken Road, Welbungin, WA

Total acres 2225 with approximately 2025 acres arable. A mixture of light and heavy soil types with scheme water and power. Includes a very comfortable 3 x 1 transportable home with solar...

Price: $1,000,000 AUD

2225 acres


Rose Hill Farm

Welbungin, WA

Great livestock enterprise potential! This land has good potential for a standalone operation or to supplement a current livestock enterprise with some good cropping areas

Price: $1,350,000 AUD

2950 acres

Untitled design (5).png

Stardust Farm

Welbungin, WA

Total acres 2275 with approximately 600 acres cleared. Predominately light soil types. Approximately 1675 acres planted to trees, this block is mainly suited to grazing...

Price: $1,020,000 AUD

2275 acres

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